The 5 Best Round Donut Dog Beds Reviewed

Round Donut Dog Beds

Bolstered donut dog beds are round options that are ideal for pets that like to burrow. If your dog likes to spread out this may not be the style of bed for you- you can check out a dog bed like this for 'sprawlers'.

They are available in a variety of sizes, whether you have a small-breed dog like a Boston terrier, or an extra large pooch like a Newfoundland.

These round dog beds are typically oval in shape, feature supporting cushioning in the center, and raised bolstered sides that make dogs feel comfortable and contained in their resting space.

One of our favorites is the attractive donut dog bed by Zoey Tails- it comes in small, medium and large sizes and features Polyester fabric and an uncommonly unique design. Users say that they are very spacious, hold up well in the washing machine, and the bolsters make this round donut dog bed comfortable for dogs to lay their heads on to survey the room.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

These are particularly cozy dog beds, with some users even purchasing them for the cats. Let's take a look at five of the best-selling round dog beds on the market today and see how they compare.

Bolstered Dog Beds Compared

The 5 best round donut dog beds

Majestic Pet Bagel Donut Dog Bed



Ease of Use

The Majestic Pet bagel pet bed is soft, durable and a comfortable sleeping place for dogs of all sizes. Users love the color, the design, and the softness of the pet bed, but some do note that the cover doesn’t zip off.

Made from poly cotton twill, this round bed for dogs is filled with polyester fiber and it has a waterproof base. The bagel bed is available in multiple colors and four sizes – small (7" x 22" x 25"), medium (7" x 28" x 32"), large (9" x 31" x 40") and extra large (11" x 36" x 52"). It’s suitable for dogs up to 110 pounds, and you can wash it in your washer. Overall, it looks like a product of good quality and price.

Generally, purchasers are satisfied with the quality, softness, and functionality of the round donut dog bed. One user comments that her 100 lb. dog enjoys it very much, and the bed still looks as good as new even after a couple of weeks.

Another customer expressed his surprise that his poodle started using the bagel pet bed right away and seems to feel comfortable and safe in it. A pleased customer mentions that medium size is big enough for her 55 lb. Pitbull, and the plush dog bed hasn’t sustained any significant damage.

However, some buyers have complained that it’s not very easy to clean the pet hair or that the round bed is too big to fit in a top-loading washing machine. Some also have noted that it might not be suitable for you if your dog likes to shred things.


  • soft, comfortable
  • waterproof base
  • available in four sizes and multiple colors
  • made in the USA


  • too big to fit in a washing machine
  • pet hair is hard to clean
  • cover can’t be removed

How to choose the perfect dog bed

Plush Orbit Donut Dog Bed Size: Small (27



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a stylish, elegant-looking and comfortable pet bed, you might want to consider the Bowsers donut dog bed. Users love the plush look and that they can remove the cover. However, some do note that it’s too big to fit in a washer.

This round donut bed is made of microvelvet plus a bolster filled with high memory fiber, and a 2" fiber foam on the bottom. It’s available in multiple colors and four different sizes – small (7" x 22" x 27"), medium (6" x 27" x 35"), large (9" x 32"x 42") and x-large (9" x 36" x 50"). Overall, it looks like a luxurious sleeping place for your dogs.

One buyer shares that her Bulldog likes to curl in this plush Bowsers bed and to rest his head on the bolster. The reviewer also says that this donut bed is more luxurious and fluffier compared to similar dog beds.

Another reviewer comments that his Mastiff loves to have extra space to stretch out. This round pet bed turned out to be perfect for him, and he started to use it right away. A satisfied user mentions that his large plush dog bed still has a new look even after a year, and she would recommend it to anyone looking for durable pet beds. However, one user complained that holes appeared in the seam after only two months.


  • multiple colors and sizes available
  • removable cover and bolster
  • filled with high memory fiber


  • big for a washing machine
  • it’s not chew proofed
Faux Suede Oblong Comfy Cup Donut Dog Bed Size: Small (27



Ease of Use

The Zoey Tails oblong donut dog bed has a stylish, modern design and it can be a warm and soft place for your dog to sleep. Users love the neutral color, the size and the thickness of the round plush dog bed. However, some do note that it was poorly packed.

Made from polyester fabric, this donut dog bed has a tipped Berber sleep surface and all-around bolster for additional comfort. Available in one color and three different sizes – small (4" x 24" x 27"), medium (4" x 33"x 36") and large (4" x 36" x 42") this round donut bed is suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs. It also can be easily washed in your washing machine, and it seems like a good choice if you are looking for a good-quality pet bed.

Users are satisfied with the style, durability, and softness of the Zoey Tails oblong dog bed. One buyer commented that her 36-pound dog curled immediately in the bed, and the medium size is large enough, so he has a lot of spare space to stretch out.

Another customer shares that her German Shepherds feel cozy and safe in the large size bagel bed, and they love to rest their heads on the bolster. A happy user mentions that the round plush pet bed is perfect for her old and arthritic dog, and he spends a lot of time curled comfortably in it.

However, some customers complain that pet hair can get stuck in the creases, making it hard to remove them.


  • plush, all-around bolster
  • three sizes available
  • machine washable


  • available in one color
  • made in China
  • arrived poorly packed
Bowsers Bowser Ball Donut Dog Bed



Ease of Use

The ball donut pet bed offered by Bowsers is soft, fluffy, comfortable, and it can be suitable for any dog. Users love the most the plush, puffy design and the fact that the cover is removable.

However, some do note that their dog was afraid to try it. Made from Berber for extra softness and warm, this round donut bed has a bottom cushion filled with polyester fiber and zip off cover that you can toss in the washer when it gets dirty.

It’s available in two colors and four different sizes – small (18" x 18"), medium (26" x 26") , large (32" x 32") and extra large (44" x 44"). The recommended weight is for dogs up to 80 lbs.

One buyer commented that her 14-year-old beagle was afraid of the size of the bed at first, but afterward, she started sleeping in it with pleasure. Another customer says that her dogs love to cuddle in this ball pet bed. The reviewer also states that her dogs use the bed regularly, and it holds very well even though she washes it frequently. For her dogs, this is the best ball donut bed available.

A happy user also shares that her pooch loves to sleep in the bed and that it’s very soft and easy to clean it. However, some purchasers have complained that, it’s smaller than what they expected, and the size measurement is wrong.

One unhappy user comments that her Chihuahua doesn’t sink to the center, but instead the dog rests on the top with her feet hanging out.


  • very plush
  • stylish and elegant-looking
  • removable cover
  • four sizes available
  • low-cost


  • limited color option
  • complaints that the size doesn’t match the description



Ease of Use

The Bowser round bagel dog bed is well-made, stylish and a luxurious dog bed available in multiple colors. Users love the all-around bolster design and the size, but some do note that pet hair tends to get stuck in the fabric.

This donut round bed has a microvelvet upholstery, a polyester cushion fill and a removable cover with a zipper. It’s available in five different sizes – x-small (22" x 16" x 6"), small (27" x 22"x 8"), medium (35" x 27"x 8"), large (42" x 32" x 9"), x-large (50" x 36" x 9") and xx-large (55" x 35" x 11"). The donut pet bed can be suitable for dogs up to 150 lbs, and it seems like a high-quality product.

As a whole, users are happy with the quality, price, and functionality of the Bowers round pet bed. One buyer mentions that the bed is soft, and the stuffing is enough to provide ample comfort for her Labrador. The reviewer also says that the extra large size is huge and spacious.

She would recommend it to anyone looking for the best donut round bed. Another purchaser shares that she has had this bed for a long time, and it’s very well-made, easy to wash and looks good even after a couple of years. A happy customer advises that if your dog likes to rest his head on a bolster or likes to spread out, this is the right kind of pet bed for you.

However, some customers have complained that the mat is thin and won’t offer protection from a cold hard tiled floor.


  • available in multiple colors and sizes
  • removable cover
  • durable
  • high-quality material


  • high-cost
  • the mat is thin

Donut dog bed buying guide

These round dog beds are particularly popular with dog owners searching out an option for their large-breed dog. They are, in a lot of ways, one of the more traditional styles of dog bed when you consider that there are styles of dog beds like elevated dog cots and dog caves.

Luckily, since these are such a common variety of dog bed they come in so many different sizes that whether you have a Bulldog, a Labrador Retriever, a Havanese, a Doberman or a Shiba Inu, you will be able to find a size of round donut dog bed that's the best fit for your pet.

One dog owner who purchased Majestic Pets bagel donut dog bed for her 25 pound cocker spaniel says that this has quickly become her favorite because the bolstered edges allow her to securely curl up inside, and when she is inclined to rest her head on the elevated edges. In addition, this round dog bed has withstood multiple washings without the supportive bedding becoming thin or lumpy.

What is a buttercup dog bed?

Another dog owner says that her 2 Yorkshire Terriers can cuddle up inside it together, but she's ended up purchasing two of them because in general they are not so inclined to share. Another user who owns a Weimaraner says that her dog generally tears bedding apart, but he has not done so with this bed because it is all in one piece. She also likes at the bottom as a non-skid material so it doesn't slide around the kitchen where she has placed it.

Another popular option that we examined was the Bowsers micro velvet donut dog bed. The manufacturers claim that the micro velvet bedding material breathes, helping to provide your pet optimal comfort. One user provided some valuable feedback concerning whether to choose a donut dog bed for your pet or not. He says that for animals that like to spread out when they sleep, and enjoy sleeping on their sides, as opposed to curling up and borrowing up against a bolster, a round donut dog that may not be the best selection for your pooch.

With that in mind, it was a good selection for his two Shetland Sheepdogs as well as for her Chihuahuas. Overall, he says that this particular dog bed has held up well over the course of multiple machine washings, is liquid-resistant, and the fabric is able to repel dog hair as well as lint.

One other feature that he liked was that the mattress pad itself can be removed from the bolster- this makes it especially dynamic should the need arise to convert this bolstered around donut dog bed into a more traditional dog mat. On the downside, he says that the padding isn't exceptionally thick.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for something that provides a ton of orthopedic support, there are a variety of memory-foam mattresses that are specially designed to support aging or special-needs dogs that require thick sleeping surfaces.

In general, when users search for donut dog beds they prioritize comfortable and cozy bolstered headrests, soft and supportive fabric, a durable and supportive sleeping surface, easy machine washing, and a variety of sizes so you can find an option that's a fit for your dog.

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