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The Merry Products wood pet home isn't technically a pure dog bed- instead it is a adorable indoor and outdoor doghouse with an interior pet bed and an exterior terraced pet bed on the top, accessible by ladder.

It is ideal for smaller breed dogs (12-15 lbs.) and the manufacturers claim that it takes about 20 minutes to put together with all of the included hardware and instructions.

It's 18" high (including the 2" footing supports) without the 7.25" lattice work, and the stairs are 7.5" wide, making the pet home overall 28" wide. It's made of kiln-dried wood that is naturally stained to make it durable for outdoor use (though not ideal to leave outdoors in harsh elements full-time) and to increase its attractiveness.

The interior lounge, as Merry Products calls it, is a dry area for your pet to hang out, the rooftop balcony provides a elevated space for your dog to get a little bit of sun and survey the landscape. The rooftop and bottom panels are removable so you can easily clean it and the manufacturers say that you can re-stain the wood should you need to form a little upkeep on it.

Assembling the Merry Pet Dog Home

The Merry Pet Wood Dog/Cat Condo



Ease of Use

On the whole, users are pretty satisfied with this pet home, saying that it is essentially built for dogs and cats that are under 12 pounds.

Some users situate the wooden pet home outside, while others install it inside near windows so that the upper terraced floor overlooks the window ledge, allowing pets to have a view of the outdoors.

Not just for dogs, one user purchased it for her cat, saying that it is an adorable space for her feline to hide from the more territorial sister cat. She says that the cat completely bypasses the stairs to reach the top floor, simply jumping atop the pet home.

Another user who has been using this pet home for nearly 5 years says that it is ideal for small dogs ranging in weight from 15 to 20 lbs. She also says that she supplemented the top of the dog roof with a bolstered dog bed for his Chihuahuas. They can accommodate both dogs simultaneously and the steps, while not ultra strong, are supportive enough for her dogs to use to get to the top.

Another buyer says that his dog and cat condominium has become the favorite space for their pets- it lets them overlook their territory, letting them observe bypassers in the street, though he does say that the interior lounge space doesn't get a lot of use, probably because they keep it indoors. Another positive is that while pretty sturdy, it's also a fairly lightweight product to move around.

It is a China-made product- but user feedback suggests that it is pretty high-quality, so not a death-trap that will harm your pets. There is some debate regarding whether it is durable for extended outdoor use- with most people saying that it's not ideal to leave it outdoors full-time, and if so you might want to shield it from the elements a bit.


  • Cute and cozy indoor/outdoor option,
  • Great for small dogs and cats (12-15 lbs.)


  • Some users thought the stairs were a little flimsy
  • Not ideal for 15 lb.+ pets
  • Not great to leave outdoors permanently


Merry Pet Wood Room with a view is a pet house that allows your dog to have a sun deck balcony on top where to relax, sun-bath, play or simply looking at the view and a lower bedroom on the bottom to sleep or hide.

The cute little stairs allows your pet to get “upstairs” to access the top sun deck to relax and enjoy the view. This rooftop area is protected by stained brown cedar color lattice fence giving this unit a nice look that blends with any indoor or outdoor decor.

Merry Pet Wood Room is made from kiln-dried cedar wood treated with natural color stain for a nice finish and sealing. The cedar wood has a natural cedar scent.

The unit is lightweight making it easy to carry and move it around to a different place of your home if needed.


  • Cute and nice designed pet house with balcony and lower lounge
  • For use indoor or outdoor
  • Made from kiln-dried cedar with a natural stained finished
  • Suitable for small pets
  • Easy to assemble, taking from 20 to 30 minutes
  • Unit comes with balcony, latticework, and side little stairs
  • Wood scent gives the pet house a calming atmosphere of nature
  • Rooftop and bottom panels can be removed for cleaning
  • May need to be re-stained for a better sealing if using outdoors
  • Elevated bottom isolates the house from the ground
  • It comes with an easy-to-follow instructions to assemble it.
  • Color: Brown cedar
  • Item weight: 19 lbs
  • Made in China


  • External Dimensions: 21” D x 29” W x 26” H
  • Internal Dimensions: 17” D x 17” W x 14”H
  • External Dimensions top area (without stairs): 18” D x 18 ” W
  • Door Dimension: 9” W x 11” H
  • Height without lattice: 18 1/2”
  • Lattice height: 7 1/2”
  • Width without stairs (approx): 20”
  • Steps dimension: 6 1/2″ wide X 4″ deep


  • Front Panel (with the opening door)
  • Rear panel
  • Side panels (2)
  • Floor panel (it goes snapped on bottom without screws)
  • Sun deck panel
  • Deck fence (4 parts)
  • Stair case
  • 4 Bolts and 4 nuts (8 pcs total)
  • Long screw (10 pcs)
  • Short screw (8 pcs)


The unit comes in panels that you have to assemble. The assembly time is approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Steps to assemble:

1. The front, rare and side panels go together by bolts and nuts (4).

2. The bottom panel (the lower bed) goes snapped on the bottom.

3. Sun deck panel goes attached to the house by 4 long screws (the sun deck panel has a shape like a fat “L”).

4. Then you have to put the deck fence together which consists in 4 parts that go attached by 6 long screws. Then you screw the assembled deck fence to the sun deck panel by 5 short screws.

5. The stairs go attached to the sun deck panel by 2 short screws and to the side panel bottom by 1 short screw.




  • Affordable nice piece of furniture for your pet, made from real cedar wood
  • Very cute design
  • Easy to assemble
  • It gives terrace, roofed patio or backyard a stylish outdoor look
  • It blends nicely with indoor decor as well
  • A relax area and a sleeping room all in one
  • It comes pre-drilled for easy line up
  • Good value for money
  • BONUS: Well packaged and fast shipping


  • Staircase is too narrow for a small dog to step on and the steps are too steep, some tiny dogs may fall through them if not skilled enough. The stairs need to be more like a staircase instead a ladder.
  • It has a cedar wood smell that goes away with time (may be a “pro” if your pet likes it)
  • Lattice is not as strong or sturdy
  • Panels are on the thin side (but sturdy enough)
  • The pet house is not weather-proof, it’s meant to be used outdoors only in a protected environment.
  • It may need to be re-stained; the wood doesn’t have a shiny finish.
  • YOU MAY NOT MIND: the pet house does not include pads


—Make sure to re-stain the wood if you are going to use the pet house outside.

—If using an electric drill stop before all the way in and hand tighten. This will avoid splitting the soft cedar wood.

—Make sure to unpack the unit outside. The packaging contains thin sheets of styrofoam that break into hundreds of pieces that go all over the floor and stick everywhere.

—When buying a pad for the rooftop area consider a pad measuring anywhere between 18″ x 18″ and 19” x 19”. Make sure to get a pad without high bumpers to make it easier for your dog to access the sun deck. For the lower bed, consider a pad measuring between 17″ x 17″ and 20” x 20”, depending on how much cushioning you want on the sides.


Merry Pet Wood Room With a View is a cute pet house that is a good value for money.

This pet house is not meant to be used roughly because some parts of the construction are more decorative than functional, such as stairs and lattice. They do hold on the pet’s activities but not with strong hits or constant heavy weight on them, that’s why it’s suitable only for small lightweight pets.

Manufacturer states that this unit is made to be used indoors or outdoors. However, the outdoor concept refers mostly to roofed balconies, terraces or any protected area from rain and wind. This unit does not resist rain nor strong wind (it’s lightweight).


Merry Pet Wood Room with View is suitable for teacup, tiny toy and toy sized dogs that have enough skills to climb steep and narrow steps. Some dogs can, but most dogs simply can’t. For this reason this pet house-bed is more suitable for cats than dogs. However, the unit may work for your dog in these situations;

  • If your dog is up to 10 lbs at the most (to have room enough inside to move) and using a ramp instead the stairs.
  • If your dog is toy sized and is a skilled climber.
  • If your dog is lightweight (up to 7 lbs) and able to jump right on top of the bed-lounge without using the stairs (this option is not very recommended since the lattice are not as strong to resist constant hits).
  • If you have a small dog and a cat and they can share this little house bed for the cat on top and the dog inside.

Other than the above situations, Merry Pet Wood Room may not be suitable for your dog.

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