5 Benefits of Getting a Pet Bed for your Dog

The Snoozer Super Orthopedic Lounge Pet Bed

As a dog owner you do your best to provide your pet all he or she needs, good quality food, clean and fresh water, toys, exercises and lots of love. But when it comes to deciding a dog bed for your pet, would you consider this item as a luxury accessory in which you’d prefer not to spend your money?

A dog bed is far from being a luxury accessory for your pet. Having a nice area for your dog to rest and sleep is a very important element, not only physically but also mentally.

Dogs, as people, appreciate a soft, comfortable and a well cushioned place to sleep. This necessity increases as the dog gets older, overweight or with arthritis.

Here you will find 5 good reasons why you should get a pet bed for your dog:

1. It provides your dog a soft, cozy and cushioned place where to sleep. Most pet beds are made from very soft fabrics that keep your dog comfy and warm.

2. With a dog bed you confine your dog’s fur, dirt and dander to one reduced area in the house.

This way instead of cleaning your bed, couch, rugs and carpet, you only need to wash your dog bed. Not mentioning the fact that you will reduce pet hair on your clothes and any other items of your house where you don’t want to see dog hair.

3. Your dog considers your family as members of its “pack”.

Just as their wild ancestors, dogs like to feel their own place in the pack and when they don’t find it, they claim it. This is why you have your dog sleeping on the couch, bed or chair.

When a dog sleeps or rest on the floor in an area that does not have tranquility with constant human traffic, the dog feels stressed and unhappy. So, a pet bed not only provides your dog a comfortable, cozy and soft place to sleep but also a designated space in its “pack”.

4. By designating a sleeping area for your dog, you are establishing who is the leader of the pack.

When dogs take over your sleeping or resting areas, such as bed, chair or couch, they are not only claiming their place in the pack, but also, putting themselves to the same level than you.

Placing a dog bed on the floor or in a lower level from your resting places, gives you the category of higher member in the pack. This is as important as not feeding your dog when you are eating on the table. So next time, when you call your dog to be next to you on the couch or the bed, it will be more like an “invitation” that your dog will be happy to accept.

5. Most dog beds are designed considering the dog’s needs.

Some of them offer security with a hood or roof where your dog can hide, others have special cushioning for big dogs or old dogs with arthritis. Some types of beds are elevated, isolating your dog from dirt or fleas if outside, you have cooling beds or heating beds, beds for crates, etc.

Pet beds not only provide a comfortable sleeping area for dogs, but they also offer solutions for different needs according to the dog’s characteristics.

Now you know all the important benefits that a dog bed provides your pet and also for you. Good luck!

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